[rancid] Re: Leveraging rancid framework for unix

Chris Moody cmoody at qualcomm.com
Mon Jan 14 19:36:04 UTC 2008

Just a thought, but why not have the systems scp/wget down their new 
config(s) from a central location.

That way you would only need to do something like this:
for i in `cat serverlist`; do for x in `cat files-to-copy`; do ssh 
user@$i "wget http://fileserver/$x ." ; done


Sam Munzani wrote:
> Aaron,
> The goal is not to just run one line command but feed a command-list 
> file like we typically do on rancid. An example below of my command list.
> sed -e 's/x.x.x.x/y.y.y.y/g' srcfile1 > tmpfile
> mv tmpfile srcfile1
> sed -e 's/snmp-community/xyz/g' srcfile2 > tmpfile
> mv tmpfile srcfile2
> There are many commands like that. In short, I need to mass change snmp 
> agent configuration file on all servers with new trap destination, new 
> snmp string etc. This is just an example but the changes I need takes 
> roughly 18 commands. If this could be achieved by the ssh syntax you 
> suggested, I am all up for that.
> Thanks,
> sam
>> On Mon, 2008-01-14 at 12:54 -0600, Sam Munzani wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Did anybody ever explored leveraging rancid frame work for unix login 
>>> and mass changes? I have a need to make edit some files on 200+ servers. 
>>> I was thinking to take F5 rancid files, hack it a bit(to do sudo instead 
>>> of cisco enable) and share with a team. However if somebody already 
>>> worked on this aspect, why reinvent the wheel? I can carry forward and 
>>> tune(if any required) and share with the team.
>> How about "for a in $LIST; do ssh $a $CMD; done"?  I think trying to use
>> rancid might be reinventing the wheel for something SSH might already be
>> capable of doing.
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