[rancid] all connections through clogin are timing out...

Joshua Sidwell jsidwell at perisys.net
Thu Jan 17 20:32:23 UTC 2008

Ok, has anyone seen this before?  I can manually telnet into each of these
routers and use the userid that is setup for rancid and it all works.  When
I do a clogin to the same router, it logs in correctly, then if I type any
command it times out.  This happens on all of my routers.  This is a rebuild
of an older rancid server (v 2.3.1   we just updated linux os version) that
worked for these routers before.  I am using FC8 and rancid 2.3.1


Please, any and all help appreciated!






[rancid at rancid ~]$ bin/clogin 65.47.xxx.xxx


spawn telnet 65.47.xxx.xxx

Trying 65.47.xxx.xxx...

Connected to 65.47.xxx.xxx.

Escape character is '^]'.



User Access Verification


Username: rancid


[name removed]#sh run


Error: TIMEOUT reached

[rancid at rancid ~]$ sh run

sh: run: No such file or directory

[rancid at rancid ~]$

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