[rancid] Changing Device Type

John Heyer jheyer at real.com
Sun Jan 27 06:35:51 UTC 2008

I have a fairly simple problem, although I don't sure how common it is.


We just replaced about 100 Extreme switches with Cisco's, and I've changed
the device type in RANCID accordingly.  "clogin <hostname>" works fine,
however RANCID can't do anything for the hosts.  My guess is it's trying to
compare the old versions with the new, sees they're 100% different, then
craps out.


We've already archived the old configs so it's fine to blow them away.  Is
there a way to completely reset the backend so it's like they never existed?


Thanks so much,


John Heyer

Network Engineer

jheyer at real.com

(206) 892-6578


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