[rancid] Re: High CPU Utilization on routers during Rancid capture

Frank Bulk - iNAME frnkblk at iname.com
Sun Jan 27 22:04:16 UTC 2008

I'm guess you're terminating PPPoX on there: have you looked into the range
command to slim down the config a bit?  Or is that not possible with your


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Of course.  I have 2 3660s and one 7206 (G1) that spike at 100% every
hour on the hour.  It's not RANCID's fault.  It happens anytime I do a
sh run.  The 7206 has about 13k lines in its config.  One 3660 has just
under 6k lines.  The other 3660 has over 17k config lines.  That 3660's
load stays at 100% for well over a minute.  A high load is expected
given the sheer size of the config.  SSH has a higher load than telnet
of course but that's no reason to not use SSH.


shane Haslem wrote:
> Hi all,
> Can anyone advise if they have experienced high CPU Utilization on
> routers during config capture, I am using SSH to login, would this be a
> factor?
> Regards

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