[rancid] Re: High CPU Utilization on routers during Rancid capture

john heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Mon Jan 28 18:11:15 UTC 2008

Sun, Jan 27, 2008 at 06:31:35PM -0600, Justin Shore:
> the config if I wrote it).  It came up and ran ok.  I diffed the current 
> config against one a few months back and found I was missing about 12k 
> lines of config.  Woo!  I spent the rest of the morning pasting in 
> config from a RANCID diff over a year old (before the problem first 
> showed up).  It worked but seriously screwed up our carrier system.  The 
> field techs spent most of the day driving around and resetting cards 
> manually.

if you know when the last good config was collected, then you can make
rancid & cvs do a lot of this work for you.  for example; if you know it
was last successfully (and with a proper config) collected on thursday at
5pm, then you can look at 'cvs log configfile' for that date (also see
cvs's -D option for many of the cvs commands).

you can then checkout that version
	cvs co -p -r rev <group>/configs/configfile > /tftpboot/configfile

edit it for passwords removed and so forth, then load it directly to the
device's start-up config and reload the box (without saving).

if you know that changes many have been applied between the last successful
collection and the reboot, then run rancid against the device
	rancid-run -r devicename_from_router.db

and diff the two files
	cvs diff -r rev -r HEAD configfile

this can probably easily be greped/awked/edited into something that you
can load like
	copy tftp: running

not that I expect you did it differently, but others might get the idea
from your "applying diffs" note that that arduous task would be manual.

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