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Steve Ousley steve at host-it.co.uk
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Do you actually have the word "enable" in there?  The format of the lines I
have is:


add password <router mask> <rancid password> <enable password>


Also, I am not sure wether this particularly matters, but I have some
routers that have different login details to all others, and these are
specified above the rule that states the password for all other routers.


So I have like:


add password firewall1 <rancid password> <enable password>

add password firewall2 <rancid password> <enable password>

add password * <rancid password> <enable password>


Not sure if the order does matter, but I would have thought rancid would
simply look for the first matching line.




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I have configured rancid but I m getting an error:

clogin error: Error: extra characters after close-brace

In my.clogin file, here is the syntax of all the routers that I added:


add password router password enable password


Has any one get a problem like this?


Thanks for your prompt reply.





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