[rancid] Nortel Passport

Smirnoff Alexander asmirnoff at gldn.net
Mon Jul 14 13:10:24 UTC 2008

Hello, Dwi Chandra !


Can you show you scripts for Nortel Passport?


>Hi All,
>Just managed to get out from my routine tasks :-)
>I have a modified blogin and brancid into pplogin and pprancid
>adding 'passport' in rancid-fe as well)
>I claim to be the beginner at this case ;) Because somehow, the prancid
>keeps quitting due to 'end of run not found'
>I have tried changing several possible part in prancid as to what I
>understand, but no luck.
>pplogin works like charm and I keep using it for several remote login
>(several 12 - 15 passport 8600 is not easy to tame ;) )
>If anyone would like to have a look, I'll be happy to post it tomorrow
>those two (modified) scripts.




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