[rancid] Re: VLAN portion of rancid-run

Simon Leinen simon.leinen at switch.ch
Sun Jun 1 17:11:54 UTC 2008

john heasley writes:
> would setting it to something non-zero be a better choice?  128 for example.

We have been using "terminal width 80" with RANCID for years.  Works
fine, but then we only have Cisco boxes.

Personally I think either 0 or something in the range 72-80 would be
best, generating either short and machine-readable or human-readable

And yes, it would be great if this could be parametrized somewhere,
possibly within some hook for specifying device-specific commands,
along the lines of Ed Ravin's suggestion in message
<20080530133226.GB4452 at panix.com>.

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