[rancid] Term Length/Whitespace issues when running manually

Martin, Seth SMartin at sourceinterlink.com
Thu Jun 5 14:16:01 UTC 2008

We've made a habit of manually running rancid on single devices to
attach the output to our ticketing system.  For whatever reason when we
do this we have a large delta of whitespace and line wrap issues.
Everything is Cisco IOS or PIXOS/ASA and specified as Cisco in the
config.  I believe we are using 2.3.2a2, maybe its been resolved in


Daily cron job runs don't return white space issues.  Also on occasion
when running rancid-run -r we get changes in our routers.db file even
though nothing has changed there.  Doing a full rancid-run from a bash
shell also seems to cause similar issues vs the standard cron...


Any advice would be greatly appreciated :-) 



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