[rancid] Howto create a backup module for rancid

Marc Guyard soukoussman at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 09:35:33 UTC 2008


I'm new on this list.
I've know recently rancid because i search a backup system to replace  
in my office, the backup systemin bash that i has created.
I don't have find a documentation to how create a module for backup a  

In fact, we work as a network and integrator and we want to have only  
one software to backup.
For the network, many of appliance we use is already create in rancid  
but in security appliance, nothing.

I want to see howto a module but i don't have find a documentation. Do  
you know where i can find his ?
I've see wrancid who is a wrapper of rancid but i've read in the  
mailinglist that wrancid don't work now this the lastest version of  
rancid :(

Thanks by advance.


soukoussman at gmail.com

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