[rancid] Cisco 9124 SAN Switch

Mark.Favas at csiro.au Mark.Favas at csiro.au
Mon Mar 3 10:45:07 UTC 2008


I'm trying to use rancid on a Cisco MDS 9124 SAN switch running SAN-OS
ver 3.1(3a). Initially I had a problem with the WriteTerm subroutine of
the rancid script not recognising when the "end of config" had been
reached. By making a change similar to  that for the ContentEngine, I
got past that problem (happy to post diffs if there's any interest). Now
I regularly get emails that the config has changed because the order of
some of the output lines changes (below - the "callhome" line flips
about). Has anyone on the list got a Cisco SAN switch working with


Mark Favas

  no snmp-server enable traps vrrp
  snmp-server enable traps license
- callhome
  fcalias name SH1_2_2 vsan 1
      member pwwn 21:01:00:1b:32:38:50:10
  fcalias name SH2_2_2 vsan 1
@@ -114,8 +113,9 @@
  fcalias name L180_DR_1 vsan 1
      member pwwn 50:01:04:f0:00:58:e7:af
+ callhome
  zone name SH1_2_2_ZONE vsan 1
      member fcalias SH1_2_2

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