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Try using nlogin rather than nslogin.


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I'm guessing some of the rancid scripts are kind of old and not seldom

I am trying to use nslogin to do a "get arp" on my netscreen firewall.

The first issue I hit was that it seems to be looking for a # in the
prompt -- this is not a global settable (although maybe it should be?)

I changed the initial "set prompt #" to "set prompt \\-\\>" as our usual
prompt is "fw1->".

However, I still have the issue that the script doesn't recognize the
"more" prompt as set by the firewall.  I know other versions of the
script set something session-based on the router to disable this -- on
this firewall it looks like a global that I'd have to unset and reset.

The paging prompt appears to be "--- more --- ", for what it's worth.

My expect skills are weak, so...

a) Can someone tell me where to send the commands to disable (and
reenable) cli paging in the script (i.e. I know the commands, just not
the nslogin flow so I wouldn't know where to put them).


b) Can someone help me figure out how to make nslogin recognize the
above "more" prompt?

I'm willing to commit my changes, if that helps at all.

I can't provide access to test systems but can try to give as much debug
output as possible.

-Dan Mahoney


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