[rancid] Re: Rancid and mail with who made the change

Higham, Josh jhigham at epri.com
Mon May 5 16:44:17 UTC 2008

Rancid itself cannot do this (to my knowledge).

You could have rancid grab the log buffer, or better yet send it to a
syslog server, but that doesn't match the user with the changes.  I
believe that there was some discussion about having a script monitor the
syslog messages for changes, and then run rancid, which could do what
you want with some customization.


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> I have a successful working rancid, but my boss want also that rancid 
> when send the mail with the change send also the user who made the 
> change, I searched on the web and the discussion list but 
> don't saw any 
> answer. Help me please and sorry if my English is not the best.
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