[rancid] Re: Download configs from one router through another

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Would you mean this???

From: "Sherrill, Justin"
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Subject: [rancid]
Re: 'out of band' access script changes?
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006
11:28:14 -0500

Alright, then to sum up for future people who
may encounter this

If the target device for
Rancid is on a separate network that can't be
accessed directly from
the machine Rancid is on, but can be accessed
from a gateway device,
here's the steps to reach that remote router.

In .cloginrc:

   add method telnet
user your_gateway_router_username
password {your_gateway_router_password}
   add method {usercmd}
   add user your_remote_switch_username
   add password {your_ remote_switch_password} {your_
   add usercmd
{clogin} {-noenable} {}
   add usercmd_chat {>} {telnet far-router\r} {User Access

clogin needs to be patched with Ed Ravin's changes here:

The {>} in the above example needs to be changed to match
whatever shows
up on the gateway system's prompt.  

Credit goes to Ed Ravin for getting this all to work.  Ed, I owe
beer/cookies; mail me what brand/recipe you prefer and where to

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> On Friday 05 September 2008 16:05:49 ryan speed wrote: 
>> Maybe I'm crazy but I've been lurking on this list for years
and I'm 
>> almost certain I've seen the patch discussed a
couple times over the 
>> years... 
> The
problem here isn't a lack of data [the patch and discussion about it 
> may 
> well exist], it is what do we search for? What is a
commonly-used term for 
> remotely accessing a device on a network
that you don't have access to, 
> using 
> a device on the
edge of that network? I'm sure if I knew the right search 
terms, I'd find it in no time :-) 
> alexd 
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