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Sam Munzani smunzani at comcast.net
Wed Apr 1 20:41:09 UTC 2009

K K wrote:
> 2009/3/31 Paul Buts <paul at paulbuts.nl>:
>> There is only one thing I want to know: is it possible to show who made the
>> changes in telnet? At this moment the webpage is telling me that the unix
>> user (who runned Rancid) has made the changes. For example, I have more
>> telnet accounts. One for Paul and one for Peter. If Paul made one change,
>> and Peter made two changes, I want that the webpage is telling me exactly
>> who made a change.
>> Any hints or keywords would be really appreciated. Thanks!
> If Paul makes one change at noon, then Peter logs in at 4PM and makes
> two more, and then Rancid finally runs at 6PM, you'll get one change
> email, showing the sum of all changes and (usually) showing that Peter
> was the last one to make a change.
> One workaround to this is to enable SNMP traps and/or syslog on each
> device, and tie you trapper/syslogger into your rancid server.
If the device you are dealing with is a cisco router or switch, it 
generates a trap when you do write mem. Set an action script for that 
OID that triggers rancid. At home I built a concept setup where I do 
this. Configure net-snmp's snmptrapd.conf so that for OID X it triggers 
rancid-run. This will ensure you are 100% up to date on the backup. I 
don't have access to my box now otherwise I could send you a sample 

> I have mine configured such that syslog-ng writes all events related
> to Cisco configuration changes to a directory change-events, into
> files named for the source device and hour of the day.  Then each hour
> a cron job executes, reads the list of these files, and runs Rancid
> against the specific devices found.  At the end of the script, it
> deletes any file in change-events older than 20 hours.
> This still won't catch every change by every user.  For that, at least
> on Cisco, you can enable per-command logging.
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