[rancid] Re: Who made changes?

Åge Olai Johnsen dante at thaumaturge.org
Thu Apr 2 14:55:04 UTC 2009

Den 31. mars. 2009 kl. 20:07 skrev K K:

> 2009/3/31 Paul Buts <paul at paulbuts.nl>:
>> Any hints or keywords would be really appreciated. Thanks!
> I have mine configured such that syslog-ng writes all events related
> to Cisco configuration changes to a directory change-events, into
> files named for the source device and hour of the day.  Then each hour
> a cron job executes, reads the list of these files, and runs Rancid
> against the specific devices found.  At the end of the script, it
> deletes any file in change-events older than 20 hours.
> This still won't catch every change by every user.  For that, at least
> on Cisco, you can enable per-command logging.

Do you have any URL pointing to a similar setup? Looks like a perfect  
match for my rancid-configuration.


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