[rancid] Re: Support for Aruba devices

Simpson, Brett brett.simpson at sykes.com
Mon Apr 13 19:04:12 UTC 2009

I wrote some but haven't been able to get them to work through cron. If
I manually run them they are ok. Haven't had a chance to work though
some of the troubleshooting items from John Heasley. Hope to have some
time this week to work on them again.

I have attached my copies of the ones I'm using which are slightly
modified from the cisco ones.

From John Heasley but haven't had a chance to do yet:
"looks like this this is confused by the terminal type.  or, the
terminal length to be exact.  try sending a cmd to disable the pager.
try setting ROWS and COLS in the environment from the rancid script."

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Anyone out there successfully collecting from Aruba wireless 
controllers?  Would you be willing to post/share your "arubarancid" and 
"arubalogin" scripts?

It looks like the topic of collecting from Aruba wireless controllers 
pops up on the list from time to time, but when I did a google search 
for "site:shrubbery.net aruba", I did not see any scripts or success 
stories in the results.


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