[rancid] Re: Rancid New Router Type

Jethro R Binks jethro.binks at strath.ac.uk
Thu Apr 16 20:35:16 UTC 2009

On Thu, 16 Apr 2009, john heasley wrote:

> Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 05:14:31PM +0100, Rhys Evans:

> > 2)  Hacked the clogin script and renamed it to dlogin. This again 
> > seems to be working as it logs into the router and I can enter 
> > commands and see the expected output (see end for script)
> depending upon what these hacks are, if they are invasive, i suggest a 
> separate script.

John> he said he made a copy of clogin and rancid and modified them, what 
otherwise did you mean by "separate script"?

Can I suggest in this case that somethings more precise than "drancid" etc 
are used: maybe drayrancid or even draytekrancid.  There's bound to be 
another 'd' vendor come along sooner or later ...

(The creep of these hacked versions of the scripts (several ones mentioned 
lately for different devices) is once again showing the strain on the 
original cisco-oriented design of rancid (or, conversely, maybe it just 
shows that there are too many vendors with too many cli-a-likes).  The 
solutions are not straightforward, however :).

> most likely it is not matching the prompt.  see NOPIPE in rancid.conf(5) 
> and rancid -df, which are handy testing knobs.

For convenience, I tend to run something like:

  env NOPIPE=y PATH=${PATH}:/usr/local/libexec/rancid rancid -d devicename

to get the devicename.raw and .new files in the current directory.


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