[rancid] Dell Powerconnect switches - problem and suggestion

George Hills george at brightbox.co.uk
Fri Aug 14 17:11:50 UTC 2009


My thanks to Jeremy Singletary for his drancid/dlogin scripts, and Nate
Steffen for his updates and email help.

I've had a couple of different problems trying to get RANCID working
with some Dell Powerconnect switches recently.

I'm using rancid 2.3.2a7 from the Ubuntu package on Ubuntu Hardy amd64.

My Powerconnects are 6248s running and and 5324s running

The 6248s had an easy problem - the dlogin script is sending "exit" and
expecting to get out, but that only takes it out of enable mode. It then
needs to send "quit" (*not* "exit" again) afterwards to get out.

I bodged this by just adding a line:

strowger at beast:~$ diff dlogin dlogin.gh
> 	dsend "quit\r"

On the 5348 (where "exit" from enable mode logs you off...sigh...) I
think there's a problem with the pager. My "more" prompts look like

"More: <space>,  Quit: q, One line: <return> "

and dlogin freezes when it sees one. Other than that it works fine. I
guess there's a problem with the regex but I can't work out what it is.
Would be grateful for any suggestions.


George Hills
Systems Administrator

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