[rancid] Re: Dell Powerconnect switches - problem and suggestion

Jeremy Singletary jeremys at rickyninja.net
Sat Aug 15 20:10:29 UTC 2009

It seems like the exit that gets sent is not showing up in the dlogin
output.  drancid looks for the prompt followed by the word exit to set
the clean_run variable.

It looks like this in my output:
#eConnection closed by foreign host.

the xit is missing between the e and Connection.  This is my best guess
at the moment.  I'll let you know if I get any closer to fixing it.

On 08/15/09, George Hills <george at brightbox.co.uk> said:
> Jeremy Singletary wrote:
> > Looks like there are some invisible characters showing up in the pager
> > in newer Dells.  Download this version of dlogin, and let us know if
> > it resolves the issue.
> > http://www.rickyninja.net/rancid/dlogin-dev
> It does indeed - a "dlogin -c "show run" $device" now completes
> succesfully. I can see it answering the "More" prompts in the output.
> drancid doesn't work though, do I need to make similar changes in that?
> Cheers.
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