[rancid] Re: trouble with HP 2650

Schlottog, Tighe TSchlottog at peabodyenergy.com
Thu Aug 20 18:46:26 UTC 2009

Your default login is menu, not the CLI.

Telnet or ssh into the switch, you'll be presented with a menu, select option 8 (Run Setup) then move around to the Logon Default and change the option to say CLI.  Save your setup and you're good to go.

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I'm running rancid-devel-2.3.2a10 (port build on FreeBSD 7.0) and
am not having luck with an HP 2650.  When I hlogin to the device,
I end up watching the clock updating - but no prompt.  I have to CTRL-C
to exit.  Any thoughts on where I'm going wrong?
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