[rancid] Upgrading RANCID to latest release

ML ml at kenweb.org
Fri Aug 21 08:49:58 UTC 2009

I'm currently using 2.3.2a7.

I've run into a few issues wherein configs won't be pulled because 
"write term" won't finish and "show vlan-switch" doesn't work either.

I read that the "show vlan-switch" issue is fixed in a later release. 
Since my version was released in 2006 I think I should upgrade.

Where do I get the latest release of RANCID? Shrubbery.net?
I was under the impression development had stopped on RANCID. Is this 
true? Is there a more recent community supported release out there?

I inherited a RANCID system from a co-worker so I'm not sure how I might 
go about upgrading if I wanted to. Can I just compile the latest clogin 
(Cisco only shop here) and copy over the older clogin with it?  I don't 
want to upset the delicate balance I have going with the PHP fronted to 
a MySQL database that stores the device information I use to generate 


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