[rancid] Alcatel 7450

Bryan Fuselier bryan at amrllc.net
Tue Aug 25 21:01:43 UTC 2009

I have an Alcatel Lucent ESS 7450 with a standard prompt of:

"*B:LFTHEDSW1# " (space at the end)

When I perform the command:

clogin -c "environment no more; admin display-config"

the script logs in, inputs the password and actually shows the prompt, but
becomes un-responsive until I get "Error: TIMEOUT reached" and the script

I can't figure out why it won't work since #<space> is a common cisco

The switch only allows ssh and here is the entry for this device in
add noenable      1
add method      {ssh}
add user      admin
add password      {password}
add passprompt      {"password: "}

Can I modify a copy of clogin somehow to make this automated login work?

Thank you in advance.
Bryan F.
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