[rancid] Re: Backing Up Cisco ACE Modules

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at redhat.com
Tue Dec 1 09:38:40 UTC 2009

Hi Bill,

Brown IV, Bill (MFT) wrote:
> I’ve been trying to backup the Cisco ACE but Rancid seems to time out
> during the connection.  I think it has to do with the pager.  On the
> ACE, every time I login the pager gets set back to its default.  Logging
> in and then setting ‘term length 0’ only works for the session.  After
> Rancid logs out, the pager gets reset.
you can try to use my patch from

> Scenario: I can login to the device using clogin.  Issuing a ‘show run’
> from there reveals that the pager is set, (noted by the --more--
> prompt).  I set ‘term length 0’ and ‘sho run’ completes with no pager. 
> Logging out and then back in reveals that the pager is once again set. 
> Using the rancid script with –d, the last output is:
> HIT COMMAND:<device>/Admin#show running-config
>     In WriteTerm: <device>/Admin#show running-config
> HIT COMMAND: <device>/Admin#write term
>     In WriteTerm: <device>/Admin#write term
> <device>: End of run not found
> <device>: End of run not found
> My assumption is that somehow Rancid is expecting the enable prompt but
> not getting it because of the pager.  I looked at the rancid script but
> I’m just not proficient enough to know where to hard code a ‘term length
> 0’ and I definitely don’t want to change the behavior for other devices,
> (I don’t want to “mess up”).  Does anyone have a piece of code that will
> accomplish this?
It's not the pager but rancid's detection of the end of the config file
which goes wrong.

> If possible, if you have it, I would really like to backup all the
> contexts within the ACE as well.
For now you have to give each context an IP and use that. I plan to add
that feature but I'm pretty busy lately.

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