[rancid] how to ignore timestamps in config

Konstantin Yudayev kyudayev at verizon.com
Fri Dec 11 16:24:32 UTC 2009


We have upgraded code on Cisco CRS router and looks like Cisco is now
putting time stamp in front of every output (show ru, dir /all etc).
RANCID believes that line belongs to config and has changed as a result
I have a lot of "noise" in diff at every run. I have no problems adding
regexp to exclude timestamps from the final output. Could Shrubbery guys
advise on how to fix that problem (ignore timestamps in front of every
output)? Here are some examples:

RP/0/RP1/CPU0:*********#show ru
Fri Dec 11 16:17:01.115 UTC 
Building configuration...
!! IOS XR Configuration 
!! Last configuration change at Thu Dec 10 18:16:46 2009 by 
service timestamps log datetime localtime msec show-timezone
service timestamps debug datetime localtime msec show-timezone

RP/0/RP1/CPU0:*********#dir /all disk0:
Fri Dec 11 16:21:04.666 UTC 

Directory of disk0:

2           drwx  32768       Thu Oct  8 09:37:25 2009  LOST.DIR
19493       dr-x  32768       Wed Dec  9 06:41:17 2009  bcm-cur

As a result diff report is full of this stuff:

-!BootFlash: Thu Dec 10 10:01:37.984 UTC 

+!BootFlash: Fri Dec 11 10:01:32.729 UTC 

Thank you

 - Konstantin Yudayev  @Verizon 
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