[rancid] Re: upgrade from 2.3.2-a7-2?

Chris Gauthier cgauthier at mapscu.com
Mon Dec 21 22:38:03 UTC 2009

Thanks to John for the answer he sent me about this earlier.  I thought I would share my feedback for anyone using Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server:

I had the 3 packages mentioned previously installed.  What someone did when packaging for Ubuntu was to split the installation into 3 different debian packages (why??? Who knows...)  The rancid-cgi was the looking glass installation.  The rancid-core is just that, the core files, and the rancid-util includes the /share directory (rtronline, downtime, etc).

I uninstalled all three packages and built the 2.3.2 version install with the following parameters:

~ # tar zxf rancid-2.3.2.tar.gz
~/rancid-2.3.2 # ./configure --prefix=/var/lib/rancid --exec-prefix=/usr/lib/rancid --datadir=/usr/share --sysconfdir=/etc/rancid --mandir=/usr/share/man
~/rancid-2.3.2 # make
~/rancid-2.3.2 # make install
~/rancid-2.3.2 # ln -s /usr/lib/rancid/bin ~rancid/bin
~/rancid-2.3.2 # ln -s /var/log/rancid ~rancid/logs

Everything works normally in terms of getting the info.  However, it remains to be seen how the configs do over time (do I get annoying change emails every time or not?).


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So, now that I have installed my new ASA5520, I have the same "coredump" file issue that had been previously reported by others.  I know the fix is to upgrade to 2.3.2, but I'm not sure of the best way to do that since my installation is an ubuntu package installation.

If I uninstall the package, then I will lose my configs and repository, right?

How would you handle this?  I think I need to uninstall the 3 rancid packages and build from source.  I just don't want to lose everything in the process.

Here are the 3 packages (all 2.3.20-a7-2)


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