[rancid] Re: Cisco ASA Coredump bug--fixed yet?

Chris Gauthier cgauthier at mapscu.com
Tue Dec 22 18:34:26 UTC 2009

I went to Cisco.com and looked for the fixed versions and they were not
there.  So, even after my attempts to just "fix it", I still had to
contact the TAC for the files.  They set me up with version

Thanks for pointing out the Bug ID, that made the case SUPER easy for me
to describe to TAC and for TAC to just give me what I needed.


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> Did anyone ever find a solution to the coredump bug on the 
> Cisco ASA? Did TAC ever come back with anything?

Here's the last status I received (about a week ago) on that bug:

The following bug(s) you have subscribed to have been updated as


BugID: CSCsz85597
What Changed: Fixed in version
Title: coredump.cfg file gets rewritten every time show run is executed
Technology: nav
Version: 8.2(1)
Fixed-in: 8.2(1.2), 8.3(0.0), 100.3(0.3)M
Severity: 2
State: Verified
Bug Details: 

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