[rancid] Re: CSS backup "end of run not found"

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Thu Jan 8 08:54:31 UTC 2009

not there in rancid-2.3.2a3 neither in rancid-2.3.1, in rancid-2.3.2a7 it 


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07.01.2009 23:39

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Re: [rancid]   Re: CSS backup "end of run not found"

Wed, Jan 07, 2009 at 02:20:22PM +0100, georg.naggies at r-it.at:
> You are right, Rancid should catch this. The prompt of our last 
> CSS on logout with unsaved changes is exactly:
> "Configuration changes have occurred.  Save changes before exiting,
> [y/n/q]:"
> Tried it out now with "exp_internal" debugging,
> expect: does "Configuration changes have occurred.  Save changes before
> exiting, [y/n/q]:" (spawn_id exp4) match regular expression
> "^[^\n\r *]*EPP-CSS-01([^#>\r\n]+)?[#>](\([^)\r\n]+\))?"? no
> "Do you wish to save your configuration changes"? no
> "[\n\r]+"? no
> expect: timed out

why doesn't the "(Profile|Configuration) changes have occurred.*" match
appear in that output?  do you have two versions of clogin?

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