[rancid] Cisco Commands

Jason Ledford jledford at biltmore.com
Tue Jan 27 18:58:27 UTC 2009

I am a new user and really like rancid so far.  Many thanks.

Anyway, I have looked and can't seem to find this.  How does rancid get the cisco config?  I know logging into a cisco switch I can run '#sh run'  and I will get the config.  In an example I looked at for setting it up, the test it had me run was to use the 'write term' command.  I am not the cisco person here (not even close) but I have been told write term is an IOS command and while it works, it will not work in future updates.  I am using debian etch and rancid 2.3.1-4.

Thanks in advance.
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