[rancid] Enable Problem

Jason Ledford jledford at biltmore.com
Sat Jan 31 20:21:34 UTC 2009

I am currently trying to setup rancid to backup my cisco configs and running into a problem.  I am not the cisco person here so I can't vouch for this setup.  We are slooooowly migrating to acs and have some routers on acs and some not.  I can grab the routers configs that are on acs with no problem, the others I can get the configs.    I have been trying to narrow down and figure out what the problem is and when I test clogin and login to the problem routers I get logged in and get a double prompt.  I am assuming from what I have read that means it enabled and I can now type what I need, but that's not the case.  Commands do not work at this point, BUT, after logging in with clogin if I do #en and give the password I can then run #sh run.  I 'think' I may know why but need to confirm this.  On the problem routers the motd is surrounded by # symbols and I saw something in the mailing list that said that could confuse rancid since it expects a # to enable.  The routers that just happen to be on the acs also do not have #'s in the motd.

So am I on the right track in thinking my network admin borked this up trying to be fancy with the motd?  Or could my problem lie elsewhere?

Thanks for your help.
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