[rancid] CVS Checkins for every change

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Wed Jul 15 16:12:39 UTC 2009

At my last job, we had a tool that recorded a diff for EVERY change made to
a router.  The way this was done was a snmp config trap was sent to a trap
handler which triggered the tool to log in and collect the config.

I'm relatively new to Rancid, and I've got it installed and working, but its
run on a cron job.

I'm using Juniper routers, which I have the option of scp'ing the config
every time there is a change.

So, as far as i can tell, I have the option of using a trap handler, or
something else that detects the newly copied (via SCP) file.

At first, I was interested in doing the SCP method, but I realize now that
may be difficult.  If I set up a trap handler to run rancid when a config
trap comes in, this should work.  Instead of running rancid on the many many
hosts I have, I'd prefer to run it just on one host.  Any idea how how I can
run rancid on a single host?
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