[rancid] Diffs for custom commit remarks

Ryan Harden hardenrm at illinois.edu
Tue Jul 21 20:00:18 UTC 2009

I needed a way to add a custom commit remark instead of the stock hard
coded version. I made a few tweaks to the rancid-run and control_rancid
scripts to make this work for me. I thought some of you might like this
as well.

The only shortcoming of this is that the remark is limited to a single
'word' with no whitespace. As in "Thisismyremark" not "This is my remark".

This is probably easily fixed I just didn't bother as it wasn't needed
for my application.

Diffs attached.

Of course all normal disclaimers apply. I can't be held responsible if
my diffs break your routers and switches. :)


Ryan M. Harden, BS, KC9IHX		Office: 217-265-5192
CITES - Network Engineering		Cell:  	630-363-0365
2130 Digital Computer Lab		Fax:    217-244-7089
1304 W. Springfield	 		email:  hardenrm at illinois.edu
Urbana, IL  61801 			

	 University of Illinois - Urbana/Champaign
               University of Illinois - ICCN
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