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Whoah - hey... long time!

I tried /usr/local/rancid/bin/rancid-run -r (name) but it didn't seem to
do anything.  I just compared & the configs are smaller than the alteons
that are working.

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Hey Don.  Long time, how is everything?


Does it work every time if it's called from 'rancid-run -r <devname>'.
I have the same issue going on with an F5.  Is the config substantially
larger on those two Alteon boxes?




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We have a total of 14 Nortel Alteons, and clogin fails on a couple of
them.  I tried testing with bin/clogin 5x in a row and it is hit or
miss, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  I can see the
username get filled in but not the password.  When it fails with clogin,
I can always connect straight to the device from the rancid box outside
of clogin using the same credentials.  I tested it 5 times on a single
device & it worked once or twice.  This is only happening on 2 of the 14
Alteons that we have.  Any thoughts?



add user a184-* {password}

add userprompt a184-* {"Enter radius username"}

add userpassword a184-* {password}

add passprompt a184-* {"Enter radius password"}


a184-dmz13: missed cmd(s): /info/sys,/cfg/dump

> a184-dmz13: End of run not found

> /*

> a184-dmz14: missed cmd(s): /info/sys,/cfg/dump

> a184-dmz14: End of run not found


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Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED 
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