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Thanks, didn't see the link though. J




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Ryan is correct, the usercmd patch would get you where you want. The
patch was written by Ed Ravin. Here is a link to the patch and a nice
little thread about how to use the patch.


The only issue is the patch is quite old so you might have to do some




Is there any chance the usercmd can be added to the distro?



2009/7/23 Ryan West <rwest at zyedge.com>



I think you might be able to do what you want with usercmd patch, you
might need to search the archives for it.




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I don't know if this has been addressed yet, but I have a need for
Rancid to be able to access devices in an MPLS environment. 

What we have is a network of devices, some on MPLS that is reachable via
a share, and some that are completely autonomous from the rest of the
network, they have their own firewall in the colo and everything is
reached through that, unless you have access to a Core router, and can
then reach them through their VRF. 

What I was thinking is if there is a way for Rancid to log into a Core
router, and then from there, ssh or telnet, depending on the Core
router, to the customers routers via the VRF commands. These would need
to be done one device at a time so it doesn't overwhelm the core router
with connections. 

Basically, Rancid logs into say, then issues, telnet /vrf testcase, logs into the device, does its Rancid thing,
logs out, then does it again for the next device on the list. This would
be something I would schedule to be done once a day, starting at 11 PM.

Can it be done? 



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