[rancid] Re: End of run not found... Running rancid 2.3.2 version

Sam Munzani smunzani at comcast.net
Thu Jul 30 22:40:01 UTC 2009

>> Can you please point me to right direction of troubleshooting? This is a 
>> very simple thing. A cisco router configured for rancid. no autoenable. 
>> clogin to the device works fine. However rancid script keeps giving me 
>> end of run not found error. When I run "show run" it clearly shows key 
>> word "end" at the end of config. Don't know why the script is not 
>> catching it.
>>     In WriteTerm: lab-rtr1#more system:running-config
>> lab-rtr1: missed cmd(s): write term,show running-config
> do those three commands work on your system?
write term is not a valid command on my device with tacacs 
authentication/authorization. It restricts us to "show running-config" only.
more system:running-config is an ASA only command and this is a router 
so its not going to work for sure.
Only the command that works is show running-config. I will try again 
with other commands remarked out and with only "show running" and see 
how it goes.
> this reeks of a timing issue; aka solaris/linux w/o the expect patch.  are
> you guilty?  i thought that you were a fbsd guy; maybe the port changed
> again?
I am still a freebsd guy but at work I have to follow our corporate 
standards. Since I work for Sun Microsystems, guess what operating 
system would be our standard? I still have rancid at home on my FreeBSD 
box for personal experiments :-)


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