[rancid] Re: Issues getting Rancid to Back up the Juniper MX960.

Elliott, Andrew AElliott at xo.com
Mon Jun 1 16:39:16 UTC 2009

I think we were able to find the problem.


The routers have very large configurations and when I ran jlogin
manually, I saw that it was timing out about 90% of the way through the
configuration output.  The point at which it timed out varied slightly
every time I ran it.


To correct the issue, I added compression to ssh to get the data-rate to
slow down a bit:


stlrvrpol0> grep "\-C" jlogin

        -C* {

                if [ catch {spawn $sshcmd -C -c $cyphertype -x -l $user
-i $identfile $router} reason ] {

                if [ catch {spawn $sshcmd -C -c $cyphertype -x -l $user
$router} reason ] {




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Has anyone else encountered issues backing up the Juniper MX960 with

Any insight is appreciated.



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