[rancid] Re: New devices...

Håkan Lindholm halindholm at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 13:53:03 UTC 2009

2008/8/26 Geoff Kuchera <GKuchera at mltvacations.com>:

> Anyone had any luck pulling configs off:  Cisco ACE 4710 load balancers?, or
> Cisco GSS’s? I’m willing to work up a script, just wondering if anyone else
> has already done one…

I started to look at this recently.  Couldn't find any "prior art".

This far, I managed to get the (cisco) rancid script collect the Admin
context config, by slightly modifying when to set the $found_end.

@@ -1691,7 +1710,7 @@
       # catch anything that wasnt matched above.
       # end of config.  the ": " game is for the PIX
-       if (/^(: +)?end$/) {
+       if (/^(: +)?(ssh key rsa 1024 force|end)$/) {
           $found_end = 1;

Ugly, I know :)

For collecting other contexts (via changeto Other_context), I tried
using "clogin gateway.ip.addr.ess" as method but without no success.


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