[rancid] Re: Diffs config and save if it's changed

alex rancid at ale.cx
Thu Jun 18 20:25:29 UTC 2009

On Thursday 18 June 2009 17:14:30 Alberto Bernárdez wrote:
> Hi, I have installed rancid and it works perfectly. I´m trying to copy
> config to other dir if it´s changed. I´m trying to use logrotate because
> rancid overwrite config with the newest (I think) but results aren´t good.
> My goal: backup rancid configs because if i have a trouble after make a
> change, i have the possibility to return original.

If I were you, I'd back up the CVS directory, as you'll then a history of the 
config, rather than just the latest configs. My personal choice of backup tool 
is rsync, as it is network transparent and intelligent about when or when not 
to copy something, ie it'll handle the logic of when a file has changed rather 
than you having to work it out.


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