[rancid] Re: Diffs config and save if it's changed

alex rancid at ale.cx
Fri Jun 19 18:11:36 UTC 2009

On Thursday 18 June 2009 21:36:09 you wrote:
> Alex,
> If I understand what you really want you shouldn't have to backup any "old"
> configs.  The whole point of Rancid is to backup up configs when they
> change and also keep the old versions in CVS so you can go back to your
> previous config or for that matter go back to the config that was X number
> of changes ago.

Sorry, I didn't quite make myself clear. I meant to suggest to the OP that if 
he wants a backup, he should back up the whole lot rather than just the latest 
router configs. Re-reading his question, it may be that he wants to back up 
RANCID's config, not that of the routers it has polled.

> Have a look at  cvsweb if you like web interfaces.  It will display your
> configs and also allow you to diff the current config to any previous
> config.  Keep in mind this is only an interface to view what Rancid already
> handles under the hood.

Yes, using CVSweb just fine here. If I could get lg.cgi working, it would be 


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