[rancid] Should we create a list of supported make/model?

Sam Munzani smunzani at comcast.net
Fri May 1 13:51:54 UTC 2009


Here is something I compiled for my company. I hope that benefits others 
too. Feel free to add make/model to the list that has worked for you. 
The reason I started on this was, being tired of continuously answering 
questions of why its not backing up mds9xxx switch or VPN concentrator 
etc. I am publishing the list to my internal staff that what fits to the 
list is guaranteed to work with rancid and rest if work in progress.

Cisco 18xx (all IOS versions)
Cisco 25xx (all IOS versions)
Cisco 28xx (all IOS versions)
Cisco 26xx (all IOS versions)
Cisco 36xx (all IOS versions)
Cisco 38xx (all IOS versions)
Cisco 7xxx (all IOS versions)
Cisco 65xx Native Mode(all IOS versions)

Cisco CSS switches(All models)

Cisco ASA55xx - IOS version 7.2.x
Cisco ASA55xx - IOS version 8.0.x
Cisco ASA55xx - IOS version 7.1.x
Cisco PIX - all models, all versions
Netscreen all models - all ScreenOS versions
Netscreen SSG models - all ScreenOS versions

Cisco Catalysts switches with Native IOS - All models all IOS

Does anybody know if Cisco ACE blades work with rancid? If yes, what 
version of rancid? I tried on an older version and it doesn't seem to work.

Hope this helps,


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