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Sam.Holley at gtri.gatech.edu Sam.Holley at gtri.gatech.edu
Wed May 13 05:12:22 UTC 2009

I have been having the same issue since we upgraded to the new 8.2 code. Opened a case with TAC and was told that this was normal behavior in the new 8.2 code. The coredump.cfg file that I have contains three entries, they are there so that if I want to enable coredump in the config that it new how to configure it when needed. The TAC engineer suggested that I issue the no coredump enable command. When I told him that I had done that and that the configuration file timestamp still change at various times, he informed me that this was a normal behavior for the 8.2 code.

Still looking for a way to exclude this from rancid when the check is run aginst my devices that are now running the new 8.2 code.

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 After I upgraded one of our ASA5500-series boxes to software 8.2 - I get notification about the change below every time rancid is run:

- !Flash:   114  43          May 12 2009 02:06:03  coredumpinfo/coredump.cfg
+ !Flash:   114  43          May 12 2009 03:06:14  coredumpinfo/coredump.cfg

The timestamp changes - depending on when the check is run... Is there an easy way of excluding this info from the config collection ??

Med venlig hilsen / Kind regards
Brian Ipsen

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