[rancid] Patch for arancid - ignore extra lines which change every rancid-run

Tom Duijf tom.duijf at gmail.com
Thu May 14 09:41:50 UTC 2009

Hi all,

This is a small patch to fix a problem in arancid when using it for
alteons in reduntant mode.

Every rancid run 1 field changes, resulting in at least 1 (useless)
change per run.
 /*	usrpw <removed>
-	opw "89fdbea188f5aaa0a2b4f7e24b450952240c165c9d0c656f115b3bce4f3f7571"
+	opw "8c9f1d09081d08088496f6e2cbadabfa976ac365cae485f988b181638001451e"
 /*	admpw <removed>

This patch does not remove 'opw' it just adds it to the 'remove
password option' regexp.
At least this way arancid 'shuts up' regarding the 'opw' stuff.

Kindly include this patch (as is or completely ignoring 'opw') in
future releases.

Kind regards,
Tom Duijf
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