[rancid] RANCID CVS conflicts during update

Traiano Welcome twelcome at tenet.ac.za
Thu Sep 10 12:40:18 UTC 2009

Hi List

 When I add a router to the router.db and do a rancid-run, I get the 
following errors in the logs:

starting: Thu Sep 10 14:30:43 SAST 2009

M router.db
There were CVS conflicts during update.

M router.db

ending: Thu Sep 10 14:30:43 SAST 2009

I noticed the problem when I decided to remove the router from rancid.db 
and tried to add it  back a few minutes later. Now, if I leave it out, 
rancid does it's run properly for the other routers, but as soon as I 
try to add the router line back (I've checked the line syntax), it's 
breaks with the log message above.

If I try to manually cvs update the router.db, I get:

rancid at stuff:~/routers_slow$ cvs update router.db
M router.db

Is it likely the CVS repository might be broken in some way? If so, is 
there a way to get it back into a consistent state?

Thanks in Advance,

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