[rancid] Re: RANCID Log Messages: "sendmail: not found" with no mailed diffs

Traiano Welcome twelcome at tenet.ac.za
Thu Sep 17 13:30:59 UTC 2009

Hi Ryan

Ryan West wrote:
> Traiano,
> The software is attempting to send you the diffs, but it seems you've removed sendmail.  

That was also my first suspicion, but I've checked that I can still use 
sendmail on my server ( "| sendmail -t" as is used in the control_rancid 
script). Also, I snipped a bit out of control_rancid that actually sends 
the diff and tested that it sends mail, for example, this bit works if 
put into a shell script:

( echo "To: twelcome at tenet.ac.za"
echo "Subject: no /usr/lib/rancid/router.db file"
echo "Precedence: bulk"
echo ""
echo "router.db does not exist."
) | sendmail -t

These are the details of sendmail on my box (it's actually a wrapper 
around exim4, but it's always been that way):


root at cyclops:~/analysis/ranci# which sendmail

root at cyclops:~/analysis/ranci# file `which sendmail`
/usr/sbin/sendmail: symbolic link to `exim4'


Hmmm, I'm at a loss.


> It might be easiest to just go back into the rancid source directory, check your config.log and see how you ran the configure script and re-run it.  Then 'make install' and it should use whatever new program you're using now.
> -ryan
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> Hi List
> I've been getting the following log messages in my rancid logs recently, 
> along with no emailed diffs (although the cvs updates are happening):
> ---
> /usr/lib/rancid/bin/control_rancid: 397: sendmail: not found
> ---
> What might the cause of these messages be? As far as I can tell, it 
> looks like control_rancid is not finding any diffs to mail when called, 
> even though running "cvs log <filename>" shows the most recent committed 
> changes correctly.
> Thanks,
> Traiano
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