[rancid] Re: user wich is running rancid-run [suggestion]

Diego Ercolani diego.ercolani at ssis.sm
Wed Sep 23 15:42:09 UTC 2009

In data mercoledì 23 settembre 2009 15:03:28, Ron Whitney ha scritto:
: > > We should try to evitate that a careless
> > user (like me in the example :-) ) with filesystem rights (of
> > course) dirts the repository.
> While I understand your concerns, the system admin in me says that it is
> better to properly secure the repository rather than the application.
> If your user-id shouldn't be writing to the repository, it shouldn't
> have write access.  For those occasions where you need to, the sudo
> command should be used (with care).
You are almost right.... system admin have to know what is going to do, in an 
ideal world.... now sysadm often is the one who click next... in a wizard 
whithout even reading the GUI messages :-((((
 [No flames please]

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