[rancid] Re: No Password required to read Configs.

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What OS are we talking about?  The easy answer is to remove cvsweb.cgi, 
but if you don't want to do that, make sure that your web server and 
rancid processes run with separate user id's and that the two can not read 
each others files.


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Hi All,

We have a Rancid installation on an internal IP.  Everything is pretty 
much default and only our Cisco devices are managed through Rancid.  I 
just noticed a truck sized hole in my config however.  

If you enter   on your browser, 
you can access the config files for all our devices without a password.

I have limited the IPs which can reach port 80 but that is far from 
enough.  What must I change to protect this data?  Is there a howto?  Did 
I miss a section of the installation manual? 

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