[rancid] Re: RANCID with Nexus 7000 VDCs

Ryan West rwest at zyedge.com
Thu Apr 22 22:18:48 UTC 2010


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> Subject: [rancid] RANCID with Nexus 7000 VDCs
> Anybody using RANCID to archive the configurations of VDCs on an N7K?
> We are able to connect to the base system correctly, but the VDCs are
> not archiving correctly.   We can clogin to the device and run various
> commands, but rancid-run against the VDCs doesn't complete.
> The user being used for rancid to login has been created with role
> vdc-admin in the VDC configuration.
> The log file shows:
> Getting missed routers: round 1.
> distsw01: missed cmd(s): show module,show license,dir usb1:,dir
> debug:,show debug,show version build-info all,show cores vdc-all,show
> vtp status,show environment fan,show module xbar,show environment
> power,show license host-id,show inventory,dir usb2:,show vlan,dir
> bootflash:,dir volatile:,dir slot0:,show processes log vdc-all,show
> environment clock,dir logflash:,show license usage,show
> running-config,show system redundancy status,show environment
> temperature,show boot
> distsw01: End of run not found
> !Software: system compile time: 3/21/2009 12:00:00 [04/05/2009 23:43:35]
> The only differences I see between the base and the VDCs as far as
> prompts go is that the VDCs display as:
> coresw01-distsw01#
> The base system displays as:
> coresw01#

You'll want to check out the usercmd modification to make this happen.

Hopefully this will point you in the right direction.



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