[rancid] RANCID with Nexus 5000 - partial success

Ian Stong istong at costar.com
Wed Apr 28 12:33:48 UTC 2010

Using the nxrancid file I still had some issues getting it to work with
the Nexus 5020. I eventually got it working by commenting out several
commands it tries to run by default. The one command that I do care
about that I had to comment out was the show version command. 

Running nxrancid -d host_ip with the show version uncommented resulted
in the text "missed cmd(s): show license usage" - which was the very
next uncommented command in the file. I commented that out and the next
line was then the missed command. Eventually I figured out it was the
very first command "show version" that was causing the missed cmd(s)

What troubleshooting steps are there to determine why the show version
command seems to be causing an issue?  For what it's worth I ran
nxrancid -d with the show version uncommented and the raw output
included information on the other commands including the sh license
usage output that was listed as a missed command.

For now I have show version commented out and rancid has created CVS
entries for the other commands outputs which is a great start.


Ian Stong

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