[rancid] microtik problems

Michael W. Lucas mwlucas at blackhelicopters.org
Wed Dec 1 18:45:17 UTC 2010


I'm trying to use the MicroTik scripts from
http://falz.net/tech/rancid-mikrotik, but have a couple of issues.

1) Setting a SSH port doesn't work.  If I use this config:

add password core-5 password
add user core-5 username
add method core-5 ssh
add method core-5 {ssh:-2222}
add autoenable core-5 {1}

I get this:

%clogin core-5
spawn ssh -c 3des -x -l admin core-5
ssh: connect to host core-5.lodden.com port 22: Connection refused

Error: Connection Refused (ssh): core-5

I can work around this with:

add sshcmd core-5 {ssh -p 2222}

which gives me a login prompt, but the prompt is "nonresponsive."
Anything I type doesn't go into the router; it appears on the Unix
command line, after the connection times out.

Any suggestions, folks?


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