[rancid] Re: Rancid & Enterasys B2/B3/N3/N7 switch

relychaure at free.fr relychaure at free.fr
Tue Feb 2 13:20:37 UTC 2010

For B2 & B3 switch
- use B2rancid and B2login scripts
(- I prefer "show config all")
- if you need "more" to see all the config, just add a new command "set length
0" on B2rancid (even for a ro login)
# Main
@commandtable = (
#       {'bcc'                  => 'RunCommand'},
        {'set length 0'         => 'ShowConfig'},
#       {'show config all'      => 'ShowConfig'},
        {'show config'          => 'ShowConfig'},
        {'show version'         => 'ShowConfig'},
#       {'exit'                 => 'RunCommand'}

For N3 & N7 switch
- copy the B2login & B2rancid scripts to ENTlogin & ENTrancid
- don't forget to change rancid-fe and router.db
- on ENTrancid, just change
ProcessHistory("","","","!RANCID-CONTENT-TYPE: Enterasys N3-N7n!n");
- on ENTlogin, I modify "more offr" with only "r" (I don't know why but "more"
was unknown)
# Run commands given on the command line.
proc run_commands { prompt command } {
    global in_proc
    set in_proc 1

#    send "more offr"
    send "r"

I also configure /etc/hosts to improve reading.

Thanks to you Valvai81

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